About Starky Morillo

I am a New Jersey-based photographer and work throughout the Tri-state area, specializing in portrait, commercial, and lifestyle photography. I create images that feel natural and yet are carefully crafted, aiming to show you as you are and at your best.

Often times, I get to work with people starting something new or changing direction in their lives—people who are starting a new business, a modeling career, updating a professional head shot, or celebrating a milestone—, and I have found that it always leads to a better photo when we can both embrace the excitement of what’s to come.

I couldn’t do and enjoy what I do if I treated everyone like a replaceable subject in front of my camera. We’ve all had that awful experience of someone taking your photo, looking at it, and feeling like you don’t look like yourself. My job is as much about listening as anything else because, ultimately, taking a good photo is about framing a narrative: you have to understand a person’s story before you can try to tell it yourself.

If you’re interested in working with me to tell your story, please fill out the inquiry form below and I will be in touch. We’ll talk about your vision, direction, and plan a shoot tailored especially to suit you. Thank you for your interest in my work!

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